Secure Truckparking Data
European Union

Facilitation in business, organizational development and in consensus decision-making refers to the process of designing and running a successful operation. EUGC together with its partners provide total facilitation within the boundaries of stakeholder recommendations. Overall facilitation of ones needs for security measures implies fences, physical entry and exit barriers, weighing instruments, surveillance, lighting and registration of drivers and vehicles. EUGC's partners provide Truckparkings with their need for these measures.

EUGC's products are presented in four categories and refer only to the registration component of facilitating a Secure Truckparking. EUGC provides Management Reports constructed out of user registration data.

EUGC Products

  • PMR (Parking Management Report) - Occupancy Rates / Marketing / Invoicing
  • TMR (Transport Management Report) - Payment / Cost Analysis / Insurance
  • GMR (Government Management Report) - Trans European Network Management
  • IMR (Insurance Management Report) - Risk Profile Management

Multifunctional use of Secure Truckparking Data will decrease the costs for all individual users. Total facilitation concerns itself with all the tasks needed to run a productive and impartial operation. EUGC facilitates the needs of all stakeholders who are meeting with a common purpose, whether it be making a decision, solving a problem, or simply exchanging ideas and information. For detailed information about EUGC's products please contact us and please contact EUGC for detailed information about basic and hi-tech Truckparking facilities.