Secure Truckparking Data
European Union

As stated EUGC is developed to register users of present and future safe and secure strategically spread parking areas. In order to stimulate the use of safe parking area's we in other words monitor the use of these secure parking zones. Registered users receive several direct benefits, safety to personnel and goods, less damage to their vehicles and a higher customer delivery guarantee, the possibility to make reservations, even indirect financial advantages through lower insurance costs are enjoyed.

EUGC emphasizes discipline, order, systemization, formalization, routine, consistency and methodical operation but at the same time pursues flexible solutions; our organization-structure follows our strategy. EUGC's vision is to find the best or optimum means to any given end. Dealing with a complex and global world people want to know what to expect, no surprises. Therefore EUGC sets up rational systems to allow for greater control over the uncertainties.

EUGC is uniquely developed to fill the niche that is occurring between the major stakeholders involved in order to push back road transport sector crime. Elementary parts are played by institutions involved in criminal investigation, such as the national ministries of justice and the police: the wider scope of future legislation and improvement of investigative facilities will enable both public and private partners that have a stake in less theft-sensitive road transport to cooperate extensively and to prioritize preventative measures.

EUGC maintains an internationally integrated system through which all users of present and newly build safe parking areas are registered and thereby provide the major stakeholders for their collective need for user-information. Insurance companies around Europe can address the benefits out of decreasing crime rates due to the safe parking areas directly to the users. This will stimulate transportation companies to use these parking areas which then will increase safety. EUGC provides calculability, and is developing a quality mark for parking areas all around the European Unions member states.