Secure Truckparking Data
European Union

Product qualification is the cornerstone of all bounding and the process of certifying that a certain product has passed performance and quality assurance tests or qualification requirements stipulated in regulations such as a building code and internationally accredited test standards, or that it complies with a set of regulations governing quality and minimum performance requirements. Certification indicates that a individual Truckparking has a specific set of knowledge, skills, and abilities in the view of the certifying body.

Professional certifications are awarded by professional bodies and corporations. The difference between licensure and certification is licensure is required by law, whereas certification is generally voluntary. So far no law is implemented regarding Secure Truckparkings, nevertheless certification is expected in the very near future. Appropriate measures are inevitable to come to a stabile starting point. A starting point from which all European member states can benefit in the near future.

In order to increase control, standards are set to, for instance, live up to TAPA and SETPOS-standards ( The certifying body will draw a set of agreed Freight Security Standards (FSR) to act as a guide to shippers of hi-tech freight on the standards of freight security required by the manufacturers. The advised security measures to facilitate a Secure Truckparking will be appointed through a levelled system. Basic security measures should be taken to receive the first degree. The system will consists of three degrees. Certifications may be perpetual, may need to be renewed periodically, or may be valid for a specific period of time. Auditing will be done in close contact with the European Union. Potential consumers of a certification wish to understand the nature of the certifying body and the certification process, therefore EUGC will closely monitor the total certifying process.