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Secure Truckparking Data
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Dance partners stay together for the duration of the dance and, most often, dance independently of other couples dancing at the same time, knowledge and information technology have been dancing together for a long time. The registration of users of present and future safe and secure strategically spread Truckparkings will provide all stakeholders with their collective need for user information. The nuance between security and safety is an added emphasis on being protected from dangers that originate from outside. Truckparking certification indicates that an individual Truckparking has a specific set of knowledge, skills, and abilities in the view of the certifying body. Besides providing Truckparkings with physical goods to receive the degree of ‘Secure Truckparking', EUGC provides all stakeholders involved with several data services. The information gathered through license plate recognition and driver registration enables EUGC to provide Europe with different types of uniquely developed management reports.

EUGC Products

  • PMR (Parking Management Report) - Occupancy Rates / Marketing / Invoicing
  • TMR (Transport Management Report) - Payment / Cost Analysis / Insurance
  • GMR (Government Management Report) - Trans European Network Management
  • IMR (Insurance Management Report) - Risk Profile Management

EUGC uses high-quality technological computer systems and networks and together with its core expertise is able to improve company processes translating complex economic processes in applicable ICT solutions and the development or selection of ICT applications with that. Constituents are insurers, transporters, governments and parking place owners. For detailed information about EUGC's products, projects and organization please email us at; info@eugc.eu.